The New New Economy: How We Got Here & What's Next

Economist Robert Shapiro shares his insights on economic policymaking and the future of the US economy, and the dark side of globalization

Karen Petrou: Are Federal Reserve Banks Forever?

This article is written by Karen Petrou and originally appeared in Federal Financial Analytics.

9/11, Latin America, and the Impermanence of Strategic Concepts

An essay on how 9/11 altered the trajectory of the US relationship with Latin America. 

Gaming Payment at the Healthcare Casino

In the classic movie drama “Casablanca,” cynical restaurateur Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) operates the rollicking Rick’s Café Américain in occupied French Morocco during the early years of World War II. France’s Vichy government controlled Morocco at that time and was collaborating with the Nazis in their quest to conquer North Africa.

Louis Renault (Claude Rains), right, informs Rick Blaine that he is “shocked, shocked” to learn that gambling is going on there. (©Warner Brothers Pictures)

DiDi and the Risks of Expanding Chinese E-Commerce in Latin America

This is my newest work on the Chinese rideshare company DiDi, and the broader risk of expanding Chinese eCommerce in Latin America.  

Mexico: A Deepening Crisis and Strategic Challenge for the US

My recently published article on the deteriorating security and economic situation in Mexico and the implied strategic challenges for the US and the region.

How China Helps the Cuban Regime Stay Afloat and Shut Down Protests

My new article, co-authored with Leland Lazarus.  It focuses on the PRC role in keeping Cuba's repressive regime alive, and helping to undercut recent protests and isolate Cubans from the international democratic community, through China's role in having built much of Cuba's modern internet and phone system.  It further examines how China's role in Cuba is illustrative of how the PRC is indirectly advancing authoritarianism and populism in the region as it pursues its economic and other interests.

U.S. Vaccinations Rising Where They Are Needed Most

U.S. Vaccinations Rising Where They Are Needed Most; Beware Fake News: Biden Is Still Likely to Replace Powell