David Maywald

EXPERTISE: Portfolio Management, Sustainable Investment, Infrastructure and Economics

Michael Kraten

EXPERTISE: specializes in the analysis of business opportunities and risks with complex factors and highly uncertain outcomes.

Eleanor Shiori Hughes

Arlington VA
EXPERTISE: U.S.- Asia relations, Japanese foreign policy and security, Japan - Taiwan relations, talent pipeline in the semiconductor industry
Robert Pringle

Robert Pringle

EXPERTISE: an economics author, editor and commentator, specializing in money, banking and capital markets
Karim Pakravan

Karim Pakravan

EXPERTISE: Global Financial Architecture , Foreign Exchange Analysis, Global financial market with a focus on China, Europe and Middle East, Bank regulations, US Macroeconomics and market analysis

Deepak Lalwani

EXPERTISE: Indian economics and finance

Saul Eslake

EXPERTISE: leading global economist with a focus on Australian and Asian economies, globalization, productivity, housing and labor markets, commodities, Australian society and politics
Sun Xi

Xi Sun

EXPERTISE: ESG issues related to social responsible investment (SRI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR), foreign direct investment, international trade and finance, regional integration and development in Asia and the Pacific.

Nicholas Benes

EXPERTISE: Corporate governance and director training; advocacy regarding government policy in Japan; corporate organizations, mergers & acquisitions, and finance in Japan

R. Evan Ellis

Washington D.C.
EXPERTISE: Latin American Studies with a focus on the region’s relationships with China and other non-Western Hemisphere actors.

Collin Canright

EXPERTISE: financial technology (FinTech), payments, treasury management, marketing communications, media, leadership

Mark Roeder

EXPERTISE: explore social phenomena and the impact of technology on human behaviour

Nikolai Tagarov

EXPERTISE: European Union Governance and Public Policies; Renewable Energy; Sustainable Development; Organized Crime and and Shadow Economic Activity; Anti-Money Laundering; Anti-Corruption
Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro

Washington DC
EXPERTISE: Understanding the Economy, Security, and How Public Policies Affect Them

Robert Madsen

San Francisco
EXPERTISE: international and national politics, trade and finance, the global financial imbalances, exchange-rate regimes and reserves management, fiscal and monetary policy, sovereign debt and bonds, banking, regulatory and industrial policy, energy and commodities markets, automobiles and other manufacturing industries, economic and financial forecasting
Dr. Marsha Vande Berg

Marsha Vande Berg

San Francisco
EXPERTISE: Insights about macro drivers and markets; Asia Pacific as growth center; transpacific linkages and governance
seth Kravitz

Seth Kravitz

EXPERTISE: Startup investing. Internet trend tracking and thought leadership.
Dr. Albert Bressand

Albert Bressand

Brussels & New York
EXPERTISE: Energy, international economic governance, European integration, transatlantic relations
Dan Breznitz

Dan Breznitz

EXPERTISE: Rapid innovation-based industries and their globalization, as well as the distributional impact of innovation policies
Rogelio Ramírez De la O

Rogelio Ramirez de la O

Mexico City
EXPERTISE: Mexican macroeconomic policy, fiscal and monetary policy constraints on growth International trade and investment

Banning Garrett

Washington D.C.
EXPERTISE: Works at the intersection of policy, technology, long-term global trends, urbanization, and geopolitics
David Johnson

David W. Johnson

EXPERTISE: Market-driven health reform
G. Bin Zhao

G. Bin Zhao

EXPERTISE: China macro economy, industry and policy analysis, research, and consulting to support investment and business decision making
Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

EXPERTISE: Insights and in-depth data analysis on U.S. economy

Lyric Hughes Hale

EXPERTISE: economic and political affairs commentator
Richard Katz in Presentation

Richard Katz

United States
EXPERTISE: Japan economy, Japan politics, U.S.-Japan relations