The Internet of Money with Dante Disparte : The Hale Report Podcast Episode 33

In 1949 the Japanese government, determined to stabilize its currency, set a rate of 360 yen to the US dollar. This was not the result of economic calculation of its exchange value, but instead, culture. The word yen derives from the character for round, as in a coin, and a circle has 360 degrees. The yen remained at that exchange rate until 1971, when the end of the Bretton Woods system broke all of that apart.

The Hale Report Episode 32: Is Replication Possible?: The DNA of Global Supply Chains: Economist Phil Levy

My guest for the 32nd episode of the Hale Report is a former Chicagoan, Dr Phil Levy. He now serves as Chief Economist at Flexport where he leads qualitative and quantitative economic research informed by proprietary logistics data. He holds a PhD in economics from Stanford.

·      Before joining Flexport, Dr Levy spent two decades researching and making global trade policy. He served as Senior Fellow on the Global Economy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, which is where we met, and as Adjunct Professor of Strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg School.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 31 : Japan: What Investors Need to Know - with Nicholas Benes

Japanese is a language isolate in spite of many attempts at broader classification. “Japanese can boast a wider range of languages and language families for which an attempt to establish a genetic relationship has been made than any other language in the world" according to linguist Martine Robbeets.

The Hale Report: Episode 30 : with Economist Andrew Smithers

My guest for our 30th episode is Andrew Smithers. We got together to talk about his new book which was just released in the US, The Economics of the Stock Market. This is a topic I believe interests just about everybody in the Hale Report audience.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 29 with Kevin Rudd - : How Can We Avoid War Between the US and China?

Click here to link to podcast: https://plus.econvue.com/p/the-hale-report-podcast-episode-29?s=w#details

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 28 : Marsha Vande Berg and the New Architecture of the Indo-Pacific

The Hale Report: Episode 27 with Michael Green

Beginning with John Mearsheimer in December, our podcasts guests have vaulted into the news soon after their appearances. It was just announced that my latest guest, Michael J. Green, will be moving to Sydney to take up a key post as CEO of the United States Studies Centre in Australia. One outcome of increasing tensions with China has been closer ties at all levels between the US and Australia, which we discuss in detail during this podcast.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 26 - Paul Summerville and Eric Protzer: Shelter from the Storm: Oh Canada

The Hale Report Podcast : Episode 25 - China's Unique Covid Vulnerability

Covid might be waning in the US, but the largest country in the world remains uniquely vulnerable. China has pursued a zero-Covid policy that has resulted in non-existent herd immunity. With its economy slowing, how does China reopen without risking sudden, devastating exposure to the virus?

The Hale Podcast Episode 24 : Elizabeth Economy on China - How China Sees the World