The Hale Report Podcast Episode 39: Out with the Old, in with the New (Regional) World Order - With Shannon O'Neil

Welcome to the Hale Report. My guest for our 39th episode is Shannon O’Neil of the Council on Foreign Relations, speaking with us from New York.

The Order is Rapidly Fading - With Karim Pakravan: The Hale Report Podcast Episode 38

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Henry Kissinger said that we are now living in a totally new era. The G20 meeting in Bali this week reflected that reality. Putin did not attend, but Xi Jinping and Joe Biden had a long meeting that seemed to offer some hope for lessening tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 37: On Election Day, a Refreshingly Optimistic View of US Prospects with Ali Wyne

Ali Wyne immediately confesses that he is a hopeless optimist. He is also the author of a new book America's Great-Power Opportunity: Revitalizing U.S. Foreign Policy to Meet the Challenges of Strategic Competition which is the perfect antidote to the current spate of election doomsaying in the US. A sample from our podcast, which I have been saving up for this week:

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 36: Voices from Taiwan with Eric Yu-chua Huang: Taiwan's opposition party takes a different tack

First and foremost is for us to avoid the 2027 scenario. Many people are saying that the PLA will have the capability and willingness to invade Taiwan in 2027. So for the next five years we will have to avoid that happening.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 35 : All Business is Show Business - With Nell Minow

In corporate governance and in movies, it's really all the same thing. I'm very interested in why things don't work. Everybody wants them to work, everybody wants the movie to work, and when it doesn’t it's very interesting to think about why... It’s the same thing in the business world and in the regulatory world. There are a lot of people involved who work very hard and try to predict the future, and when they don't it's very interesting to think about why.

Voice of Reason: Carla Hills on the Future of Global Trade: The Hale Report Podcast Episode 34

I’m a great believer that diplomacy is extremely important, that we have a number of issues where we can work with China, and they will be beneficial to both of us, and that we ought to have regular high-level meetings between our two Presidents, and that we ought to have working groups that report to them that meet perhaps quarterly and begin to pick the low-hanging fruit. You mentioned tariffs. That’s hurting our workers, our businesses, our farmers. And it’s hurting China.

The Internet of Money with Dante Disparte : The Hale Report Podcast Episode 33

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The Hale Report Episode 32: Is Replication Possible?: The DNA of Global Supply Chains: Economist Phil Levy

My guest for the 32nd episode of the Hale Report is a former Chicagoan, Dr Phil Levy. He now serves as Chief Economist at Flexport where he leads qualitative and quantitative economic research informed by proprietary logistics data. He holds a PhD in economics from Stanford.

·      Before joining Flexport, Dr Levy spent two decades researching and making global trade policy. He served as Senior Fellow on the Global Economy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, which is where we met, and as Adjunct Professor of Strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg School.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 31 : Japan: What Investors Need to Know - with Nicholas Benes

Japanese is a language isolate in spite of many attempts at broader classification. “Japanese can boast a wider range of languages and language families for which an attempt to establish a genetic relationship has been made than any other language in the world" according to linguist Martine Robbeets.

The Hale Report: Episode 30 : with Economist Andrew Smithers

My guest for our 30th episode is Andrew Smithers. We got together to talk about his new book which was just released in the US, The Economics of the Stock Market. This is a topic I believe interests just about everybody in the Hale Report audience.