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Disentangling the Crypto Crash of 2022

A reckoning in the digital asset industry that started in June after the collapse of improperly collateralized investment assets gained new urgency in November. Following the professional and possibly legal improprieties that led to bankruptcy and chaos at the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, the industry is regrouping and putting distance between legitimate market participants and the grifters.

C’mon, Democrats, Tout Your Economic Record: It’s a Very Good Story

Drawing on the fact-free politics of Donald Trump, Republicans are selling the meme that Americans are much worse off economically and financially under President Joe Biden and the Democrats.  That is demonstrably untrue.  Yet, the Democrats’ main response has been to mumble an apology for the inflation they didn’t cause and try and change the subject.

Toward a Strategy for Responding to the PRC in Latin America

The work argues that the problem is not the “lack of a strategy,” but ensuring that the strategies that we apply are appropriate, adequately resourced and coordinated, and the tools we use are up to the task. In addition to concisely stating the nature of the risks to the US and the region arising from some dimensions of PRC engagement, the recommendations advanced by the work include: (1) holding the line for Western corporations, strategic technologies and liberal institutions, (2) helping our partners to strengthen their institutions to get a better deal from their work with the PRC and other actors; (3) fixing, rightsizing and better coordinating our institutional tools for competing, (4) improving our data supported messaging, and (5) advancing clear new strategic concepts for the military as part of a whole of government response, coordinate with our likeminded allies.

Change of Edge - EconVue Spotlight October 2022

Are central banks overreacting to inflation? Are we in for a positive surprise?

Hospital REITs Revisited: Rebutting Misleading and Inaccurate Policy Analysis

Steward Health Care System has pioneered the creation of accountable care networks nationwide through private funding sources. Steward was the first for-profit healthcare system to use private equity funding (Cerberus) to rescue, reimagine and reinvent a nonprofit health system (Caritas Christi). Steward subsequently became the first health system to use REIT financing (Medical Properties Trust) to fund aggressive expansion of their operating model to new markets.

Healthcare’s Jobs to Be Done (Part 2): Application

Clay Christensen’s insights on disruption and innovation have shaped my perspective on health industry transformation and featured prominently in both of my books. In Part 1 of this series, I detailed his pathbreaking work on “Jobs to be Done (Jobs)” at Harvard Business School. By understanding what “jobs” customers “hire” products to do, innovative companies can design their products to get those jobs done.

Nicaragua: Dictatorship and Collaboration with Extra-Hemispheric U.S. Rivals

This work looks at how the Sandinista regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua has further clamped down on dissent and consolidated power since the rigged November 2021 Presidential elections, and how it is increasingly serving as an entry-point for expanded activity in the region by Russia, Iran, and the PRC.

Healthcare’s Jobs to Be Done (Part 1): A Primer

I’ve been an admirer of Clay Christensen’s work since the late 1990s. Shortly after he published The Innovator’s Dilemma in 1997, Christensen headlined a Merrill Lynch global retreat for managing directors. During his keynote address, he presented and applied his theory of disruptive innovation. I was mesmerized.

Hidden Damages: August Spotlight 2022

Is Covid just a dress rehearsal? What have we learned about living with our biological and geopolitical adversaries?https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2022/08/19/long-covid-brain-effects/