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There is No Economic Boom in Sight

Pro-Market and Pro-Business: Not Always the Same, Particularly in Healthcare

Shortly after publishing Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare in June 2016, I met with my former investment banking colleague, Jullia Quazi. Jullia arrived with a very funny story regarding her precocious and freaky-smart 6-year-old son Kairan.

As Jullia was leaving home, Kairan asked her to ask me who won. When Jullia asked what he meant, Kairan responded, “Dave wrote Market vs. Medicine. Who won, “Market” or “Medicine?” Out of the mouths of babes…

Nicaragua’s Struggle for Dignity and Survival

I would like to share with you my just published article on the  unfolding crisis in Nicaragua and its significance for the US and the region, with recommendations for U.S. policymakers. 

This article was originally published by Global Americans.

Having been expelled from Nicaragua in June 2016 by the Sandinista government, the struggle of the Nicaraguan people for dignity, democracy and a decent livelihood against a corrupt authoritarian regime is a theme particularly close to my heart.

Trump Lags behind His Predecessors on Economic Growth

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that his economic record as president is the best in generations. So I measured his record so far on growth and business investment with the records of his nine predecessors since JFK over comparable periods, starting with their third quarters in office. Brookings issued my results today: Trump beats the four who faced recessions in their first year in office -- nothing to brag about there. Among the other five who took office during expansions, as he did, Trump is tied in last place. Pretty lame.

Superhero Healthcare (Part 2): Already Here; Growing Fast; Payment-Driven

Part I of Superhero Healthcare identified several bright spots within American healthcare where liberated caregivers deliver appropriate, efficient care to engaged patients; where the interests of health companies and their customers align; and where compassion, empathy and shared decision-making govern medical treatment.

EconVue Spotlight May 13, 2018 China's New Era?

I agree with a Twitter commentator today who said that US-China trade relations was giving him  whiplash after President Trump’s volte-face on ZTE.  For context, I recommend two new books with a longer view on the changes taking place in China.  The first, “The End of an Era” by Carl Minzer is truly a must-read for any China watcher. Devin Stewart at the Carnegie Council conducted a wonderful interview with Prof Minzer, which I’ve included below. 

Corporate Tax Cut to Yield More Investment & Wages, Gradually

How long should it take for stimulus from the tax cut to appear? Although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law only five months ago, liberal pundits are already complaining that “folks on Main Street have yet to receive their invitations to the party.” Even GOP Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), at one point considered a leader of the party, has fretted that “there’s no evidence whatsoever that the [corporate tax cut] has been massively poured back into the American worker.”

China Recognizes Dominican Republic — We Should Worry

I would like to share with you my just-published article on the Dominican Republic's May 1, 2018 establishment of diplomatic relations with the PRC.  The work examines the activities which are likely to follow, based on other countries which have changed their diplomatic posture toward China in recent years.  It looks at the implications for the Dominican Republic and the region, and concludes with recommendations for US policymakers.The article is originally published by Newsmax.

Superhero Healthcare (Part 1): Liberating America's Caregivers and Patients!

Most weekends in America, long lines form outside cineplexes as ardent fans of DC and Marvel Comics catch the latest iterations on the big screen. Since the dawn of motion pictures, Americans love to see superheroes come to the rescue – just in time.