Is Japan’s Inflation Really At a 40-Year High? What, if anything, does it mean for BOJ Policy?

“October Inflation At A 40-Year High” read the headlines. If this really were representative of overall inflation trends, it would put additional pressure on the Bank of Japan (BOJ) to raise interest rates in order to slow an overheating economy. But it reminds me of the line from the movie Absence of Malice: accurate but not true.

Disentangling the Crypto Crash of 2022

A reckoning in the digital asset industry that started in June after the collapse of improperly collateralized investment assets gained new urgency in November. Following the professional and possibly legal improprieties that led to bankruptcy and chaos at the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, the industry is regrouping and putting distance between legitimate market participants and the grifters.

Bali and Cairo: A Challenging Set of Global issues Meets the Climate Emergency

The Bali Summit is occurring at a time of intensifying challenges facing the global economy.

Global Manufacturing: The Canary in the Coal Mine

The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is a forward-looking indicator based on monthly surveys of purchasing managers. As a “Diffusion Index”, values above 50 indicate expansion relative to the previous month, and below 50, contraction relative to the previous month.  As such, it is a key piece of the economic puzzle. There are several PMI indices: manufacturing, services and composite.  In this piece, the focus is on PMI Manufacturing

C’mon, Democrats, Tout Your Economic Record: It’s a Very Good Story

Drawing on the fact-free politics of Donald Trump, Republicans are selling the meme that Americans are much worse off economically and financially under President Joe Biden and the Democrats.  That is demonstrably untrue.  Yet, the Democrats’ main response has been to mumble an apology for the inflation they didn’t cause and try and change the subject.

Japan's New Economy & Low Interest Rate Equilibrium - A Panel Discussion

Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 11AM CDT: EconVue Subscriber Event

You are invited to a panel discussion on Japan's outlier monetary policy with economists John Greenwood and Richard Katz, moderated by Lyric Hughes Hale. 

Toward a Strategy for Responding to the PRC in Latin America

The work argues that the problem is not the “lack of a strategy,” but ensuring that the strategies that we apply are appropriate, adequately resourced and coordinated, and the tools we use are up to the task. In addition to concisely stating the nature of the risks to the US and the region arising from some dimensions of PRC engagement, the recommendations advanced by the work include: (1) holding the line for Western corporations, strategic technologies and liberal institutions, (2) helping our partners to strengthen their institutions to get a better deal from their work with the PRC and other actors; (3) fixing, rightsizing and better coordinating our institutional tools for competing, (4) improving our data supported messaging, and (5) advancing clear new strategic concepts for the military as part of a whole of government response, coordinate with our likeminded allies.

The IMF View: Broad Slowdown-or Does Everyone Hate the Fed?

The global economic horizon has darkened considerably in the past few weeks. Published at the outset of the annual IMF/World Bank October 2022 meetings, the IMF reports that it expects global economic growth to slow down from 6% in 2021 to 3.1% this year, and 2.7% next year. Of the three largest economies, the United States and the European Union may be heading to recession, while China’s economy is close to being flat.  This bleak economic picture is occurring as policymaking in major countries is in disarray.

Change of Edge - EconVue Spotlight October 2022

Are central banks overreacting to inflation? Are we in for a positive surprise?

Japan Unlikely To Meet 2030 Goal For Emissions Reduction

On Climate Change, Economic Fundamentals Are Necessary But Not Sufficient