Misleading Bipartisan Demagoguery on Obamacare

Neuroscience teaches that our brains see individual letters as pictures and string them together to create meaning. Perhaps that's why word pictures themselves are powerful tools for capturing public sentiment. The July 30th Morning Consultfeatured Republican and Democrat word pictures capturing responses to the following question:

In a word or two, could you please tell me what comes to mind when you think of the healthcare law?

A Japanese farmer collects harvested rice ready to dry in a paddy field

A Question on Japan's Food Prices

A fellow-reader wrote in with a question that probably a number of you have:

"You at one point state that if the percentage of income spent on food were to decrease from 14% to 11%, the total savings would be worth more than Japanese agriculture's contribution to GDP.  I cannot see how complete replacing the economic impact of Japanese agriculture with imports could possibly save more than the original amount of domestic production."

TPP or Not TPP

Abe Bows To The Farm Lobby

This is an excerpt of an article written by our expert, Richad Katz, that appeared in the Wall Street Journal Asia edition.

For a more detailed discription of the discussions between Japan and the U.S. please refer to his other Alerts:

Tokyo Launches 'Blame Game" on TPP
Standoff at TPP Corral
GOP Gets Tough on TPP

Visit EconVue at NABE 2014

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Ukrainian servicemen patrol the Donetsk region in the restive east. Photo: AFP

Ukraine Crisis a Reminder to West that Biggest Threat is from Russia, not China

Source: South China Morning Post

American political risk expert Ian Bremmer recently wrote that the US and Europe had been evasive on the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Although Nato recently held a summit to address the emergency, support for Ukraine was far too little to counter the Russian action, leaving many questions unanswered.

For example, how will the military conflict develop? What are Russia's goals? How should China respond?

The Global Politics of Cities

The Global Politics of Cities

Cities. Cradle of civilization, or den of iniquity? They are certainly both, but the central and defining role of cities since the birth of democracy in Athens is the creation of a polis or a political entity defined by geography, and ruled by its citizens. As the rush to urbanization intensifies in non-democracies such as Iran, China, and Pakistan, is it not inevitable that their cities, with populations truly dwarfing the few hundred thousand inhabitants of ancient Athens, carry within the seeds of political change? And challenges for their national governments?

Xi Jinping

China’s Advance in Latin America has more Challenges than Xi’s Visit Suggests

This article is written by Dr. Evan Ellis, focused on Chinese President Xi's trip to Latin America, some of its likely political implications, and the challenges faced by Chinese companies doing business in the countries in which President Xi is currently announcing major new deals.  

Contagion: The Costs of Global Panic

Contagion: The Costs of Global Panic

A Close Election in Indonesia

Indonesia's election is unusual in many respects. There are only two candidates, and the contest is too close to call. This could lead to disarray, and even violence in the world's 4th largest country. For expert commentary, read Karen Brook's report for the Council on Foreign Relations. Read the full report here: http://www.cfr.org/indonesia/indonesias-election-democracy-risk/p33211