New Rules: Accountable Care Changes Everything

By Christopher McDonough and David W. Johnson

People go to Las Vegas to let loose, take in the shows and have fun but mostly to gamble. At HIMSS 2016, payors, providers, investors and other industry insiders are hitting the strip in search of healthcare IT’s glitz and glamor.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight

Rethinking Healthcare.Gov: As Covered California Goes, So Goes Nation?

The 17 state-run healthcare exchanges are real-life “laboratories” for the federally-run exchanges that operate in 34 states. No state exchange has flexed its market muscle more than California’s. As an active purchaser of healthcare services, Covered California has achieved robust enrollment, moderate premium growth, high customer satisfaction and improving quality scores.

Central Banks: The Only Game in Town

Beyond the Pessimism: Why Sustained, Healthy Development Will be the New Normal for China’s Economy

This article originally published in South China Morning Post.

Is Economics a Closed Shop?

The ranking of the world's leading economists has remained essentially unchanged since 2006. Post-2008, we are hearing from the same people, mostly white males now in their 60's. Federico Fubini asks, "Might the world’s leading economists be so keen to protect their own ideas that they ignore (or, worse, stifle) innovation from unexpected quarters?"

The Unsustainable Economics of ISIL

ISIL is not a juggernaut, according to a recent article in Politico by UC San Diego economics professor Eli Berman and associate professor Jacob Shapiro at Princeton, "Why ISIL Will Fail on Its Own".  Oil revenues in particular are not sustainable:

Report from Beijing - 2015 International Finance Forum

The following remarks with subsequent modification were delivered at the November 6-8 convening of the International Finance Forum, headquartered in Beijing. IFF’s mission is to facilitate high-level, multilateral dialogue and promote insights about current issued defining the international economy. The writer is a member of the IFF Academic Committee.

Global Terrorism Index 2015

Today the Institute for Economics and Peace released their third Global Terrorism Index. This year, their annual November release has been preceded by devastating terrorist attacks in Pairs, Beirut and Baghdad. It is more important than ever to understand the underlying drivers of terrorism and violent extremism. Please click here to access this detailed report.