Pulse: International Trade and Investment

Trumpism and the Global Economy

Emerging Markets: Investment of the Year in 2017?

Strong fundamentals in Asia’s emerging markets may tempt outside investors to stay the course when the year turns. But a combination of domestic politics in 2017 and global uncertainties could risk becoming the nemesis of the New Year.

Questions about political continuity at home and support for reforms in Asia’s emerging markets hover over these economies’ striking potential for growth, including the outlook for strongman leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand and Xi Jinping in China and Narendra Modi in India.

How to be a Savvy Overseas Investor?

Co-authored with Daniel Wagner.

After having been the top destination of inward foreign direct investment for decades, China’s investment orientation has become increasingly outward looking. In 2014, China’s outbound FDI surpassed inbound FDI for the first time. Last year, the country became the world’s second-largest source of outward FDI. And in the near term, its overseas investments are expected to grow 10 percent a year, and exceed $2 trillion by 2020.

Trading Down: Is the TPP Making the United States a Less Benign Hegemon?

Foreign Affairs just published a piece by me regarding TPP in its online edition at https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/americas/2016-09-21/trading-down.

It is entitled: Trading Down: Is the TPP Making the United States a Less Benign Hegemon?

Here is the excerpts:

Seminar in Chicago: “The Vital Role of Director Training in Japan’s Corporate Governance Reforms”

The Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI) is a government-certified nonprofit providing one-day “director training” courses in English and Japanese, and governance-related seminars and e-learning courses. These programs teach participants key knowledge needed to serve on, report to, or analyze boards in Japan.

Michael Green: Why I oppose Donald Trump

We’ll be resuming with our September issue after Labor Day. Hope you’ve been having a good summer.

This is an advanced copy of  an interview with Michael Green that will be in the issue. Michael Green, a former member of the George W. Bush National Security Council, explains why he is opposing Donald Trump and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

China: Learning to do Business in Latin America

From July 16-31, 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China to teach a course on Latin America at the University of International Business and Economics.  While there, as usually occurs when I travel to China, I also had the opportunity to speak to colleagues there, including academics, businessmen, and in one case, Chinese managers and technical personnel being trained for assignments to Latin America and the Caribbean. 

EconVue Weekly Spotlight: Brexit Special Edition

With a story as big as Brexit, with both market and historic implications, it is easy to become overwhelmed by oceans of mediocre or partisan commentary.  Wading  through scores of articles this past week, I have discovered some wonderfully illuminating discussions about a known unknown that  no one can predict.  Below please find my selection of original and provocative articles that go beyond Thursday’s vote,  offering deeper analysis of the EU writ large, and perspective from other countries and regions.