posted by Lyric Hughes Hale on May 26, 2018 - 12:00am

I'm just back from Los Angeles, where I participated in a panel on international trade sponsored by City National Bank. I particularly enjoyed the remarks by Ambassador Mickey Kantor, former Secretary of Commerce and US Trade Representative, who has a unexpectedly wry sense of humor for a tough negotiator. When his mobile phone rang on stage, he joked that it was probably President Trump calling him to ask his advice on NAFTA.  And well he should, since Mr Kantor was the force behind US negotiations on NAFTA and the WTO.  Here is a PBS interview  on his legacy.  Ray Suarez’s questions in 2011 now seem astonishingly prescient about the forces that created the Trump era.  

In June of 1993, the White House invited a group of Chicagoans (I was then head of Women in International Trade) to learn about NAFTA. Hillary Clinton spoke to our group to help build support in the hinterlands. This reminded me of her original close connection to the agreement, perhaps one of the reasons for President Trump's current anathema.

I thought we would be discussing China more than NAFTA but the news about auto import investigations changed that. Actually the focus on NAFTA for Californians shouldn't be surprising, given that Mexico and Canada are the state's largest export destinations.  California is a country; its GDP is about equal to that of Canada and Mexico combined.

What I learned from my fellow panelists is that if the US does nothing, NAFTA as it is today will stand.  The problem is that even its proponents agree that drastic updating of the agreement is needed.  Our panel was divided on whether or not the US would move forward, remain in neutral or withdraw.  I'm going to agree with Mr Kantor, who thinks that in the end, business voices will be heard and negotiations will succeed. A possible wildcard is the Mexican presidential election on July 1st.  If as seems likely Andrés Manuel López Obrador (the Trump of Mexico) wins,  all bets are off.

Despite all the amputations, I am hopeful that US trade will be allright. There is no doubt however that we will be rocking & rolling for some time.

Happy Memorial Day to all, as we remember those no longer near, but always dear to us.


Rising Risks Haunt Financial Markets
Karim Pakravan

The catalog of risks, both geopolitical and financial, has lengthened, as existing issues worsen and new sources of concern arise.  Left unresolved, financial market turmoil could lead to negative concerns for the global economy. 

Trump Lags behind His Predecessors on Economic Growth
Robert Shapiro 

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that his economic record as president is the best in generations. So I measured his record so far on growth and business investment with the records of his nine predecessors since JFK over comparable periods, starting with their third quarters in office. Brookings issued my results: Trump beats the four who faced recessions in their first year in office. Among the other five who took office during expansions, as he did, Trump is tied in last place. 

Data Round-Up: Real Equipment Spending Likely to 'Pause' in 18Q2 -- Up Less than +2%
Michael Lewis  

Based on today’s April data, and factoring in the likely drag from aircraft & vehicles, FMI is tracking only a modest gain in real equipment spending for 18Q2, +1% or so; this amounts to just a pause after the near +9% average gain over the prior year. With the tax cuts/accelerated depreciation only beginning to be felt, we continue to forecast a healthy equipment gain in the second half of the year.

Superhero Healthcare (Part 1 & Part 2)
David W. Johnson 

Heathcare economist David Johnson's two part report on how America's Gotham healthcare system can turn into superhero healthcare. Part I of Superhero Healthcare identified several bright spots within American healthcare where liberated caregivers deliver appropriate, efficient care to engaged patients; where the interests of health companies and their customers align; and where compassion, empathy and shared decision-making govern medical treatment. Part 2 of Superhero Healthcare explores how and the extent to which full-risk contracting is the disruptive force transforming healthcare delivery.



Mexico's Pena Nieto 'optimistic' on NAFTA as country makes new offer
Daina Beth Solomon & David Lawder 5/24/2018 Reuters

Mexico's President Pena Nieto 'optimistic' on NAFTA as country makes new offer--but will the Mexican presidential election on July 1st throw a spanner into the works? Not much time left.

World Bank Group’s Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) makes first $12 million commitment to bridge financing gap for Ebola response in DRC
5/22/2018 The World Bank

Innovative public-private insurance to stop epidemics being deployed to fight Ebola.

Blocking 500 million users is easier than complying with Europe’s new rules
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Is the cure that claims to enable privacy protection worse than the disease? Will new EU regulations force thousands of foreign websites to block access to EU nationals?

Higher oil prices + rising debt + USD appreciation test emerging markets
Mohamed A. El-Erian  5/16/2018 Twitter

Dollar-denominated debt is the issue. $11.2T of non-bank USD debt worldwide, much of it unhedged, especially in emerging markets.

How much should we trust the dictator's GDP estimates?
Luis R. Martinez 12/27/2017 SSRN

GDP statistics are exaggerated by authoritarian regimes, based on nighttime light comparisons, according to a University of Chicago working paper.


Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2017
5/22/2018 the Federal Reserve

40% of Americans do not have the resources to meet an unexpected $400 expense. We are an economically divided country.

Network Analytics from Hell: The Chaos of Post-Crisis Regulation
Karen Shaw Petrou  5/22/2018 Remarks Prepared for the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association

As this analysis advances, regulators should turn their attention from regulation to resolution.  Even now, it’s far from certain if a big-bank –let alone non-bank – failure could proceed without systemic crisis.


What the U.S.-China trade war means for workers on the ground
5/15/2018 Wall Street Journal Video

Worth watching to understand the human side- the winners and losers in globalization.

Belt and Road Initiative Quarterly: Q2 2018
EIU 5/21/2018

Investment in China’s One Belt One Road in one graph.

The whys and why nots of caving on ZTE
Derek Scissors 5/16/2018 AEI

Sensible explanation of the ZTE turnaround. The company has already lost $2B in revenue and is expected to be heavily fined.


Bitcoin's fate? This cryptoasset manager sees two possible outcomes
Robert Hackett 5/22/2018 Fortune

If you think digital currencies don’t or won’t have institutional investor support, watch this terrific interview.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe bans cryptocurrency trading. Banks given 60 days to comply (full statement)
Tech Zim 5/12/2018

Zimbabwe bans cryptocurrencies. Perhaps they should be embraced given their inflation challenges. Venezuela also faces inflation and sanctions and created their own cryptocurrency. 


Jack up property taxes for pensions, say three Chicago Fed economists
Dennis Rodkin 5/14/2018 Crain's Chicago Business

A 43% increase in property taxes would affect homeowners & renters. Landlords would be forced to raise rents as well. We’re already losing people-why not call a constitutional convention to restructure pensions now?