The Collapse of Venezuela and Its Impact on the Region

This report was originally published by Military Review.

Capital-Markets FinTech

FinTech in the capital markets sector is at once intensifying while becoming more pragmatic. For all practical purposes, excitement and hype around blockchain has marked the sector’s FinTech profile. By now, expectations are more realistic, and FinTech firms are taking greater interest in other capital-markets applications.

Advantage Medicare Advantage: Delivering Healthcare’s Triple Aim to America’s Seniors

Co-authored with Richard Jones.

Hitting the Sweet Spot for Patients and Providers

Pay Attention or Pay the Consequences: Investing in China

It doesn’t matter if the corporate governance is black or white, when it concerns Chinese companies – stated owned or privately-held -- investors’ due diligence is the only game worth playing.

EconVue Spotlight | Is Winter Coming to the India-China Relationship?

There has been much discussion about China’s GDP surpassing the US. Less attention has been paid to forecasts that India will become not only the most populous nation in the world by 2025, but that by 2050 the size of the Indian economy will also surpass the United States.

FinTech Investment Soars

Global surveys covering second-quarter 2017 FinTech investments are coming in, and the results bode well for the development of the FinTech ecosystem.

Recent Happenings in India

IMF: The Global Economic Recovery is on Solid Ground

The IMF’s message in its latest global economic forecasts (World Economic Outlook, 7/24/2017) is broadly unchanged from its April version.  The global economic recovery is gaining momentum and broadening in 2017, after a two-year slowdown. Global output is expected to grow by respectively 3.5% and 3.6% this year and next.  However, the IMF states that the projected composition of growth will be slightly different, with slower-than-anticipated growth in the United States compensated by faster growth in the eurozone, Canada, Japan and emerging markets.

A Chicago Story: Gun Violence; Budget Cuts and Social Contagion

It was an eventful July 4th weekend in the Land of Lincoln. The Illinois Senate over-rode Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto to pass its first state budget in over two years. This was the longest state budget impasse in the nation since the Great Depression.
Meanwhile, the mean streets of Chicago remained mean. The City recorded 15 homicides during the holiday weekend and over 100 shootings. Although down slightly, Chicago is on pace to record over 700 murders in 2017.

EconVue Spotlight: Focus on Iran