India's Turn to Transform - Comment

You can check out the video of India's Turn to Transform and my brief comments are:

President Xi Jinping, Davos Man

FinTech at Davos

In January 2016, the global banks proclaimed that they are all FinTech innovators now, reported Bloomberg in its coverage of the annual World Economic Forum conference in Davos.

Global Animus

Animus has two meanings, hostility and motivation and both apply today to the world economy in 2017.  Two events in January are of special note. 

Killing Cash Once and for All

Along with economic and political uncertainty in the United States and abroad come predictions for 2017 on the possible rebirth of banks and the final death of cash. Maybe.

Mile High Potential: NFL Veterans Tackle America’s Opioid Crisis

Co-authored with Richard A. Kimball, Jr.

Professional football has long since surpassed baseball as America’s most popular sport. The NFL’s Super Bowl is a national party. Super Bowls represent 19 of America’s 20 most-watched TV broadcasts.

115 million people tuned in for 2015’s thrilling New England Patriots-Seattle Seahawks contest. By contrast, only 40 million watch the historic deciding game of last year’s World Series when the hapless Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians for their first championship since 1908 (any team can have a bad century).

FinTech Ubiquity

Things to look for in 2017 include progress on faster payments in the United States, greater regulatory scrutiny of FinTech here and abroad, and blockchain use cases put into action. FinTech firms will continue to shake up the way consumers invest, insure, and conduct transactions—and card payments will continue to rule.

Living Up to the Hype

2017 is almost here! With the end of 2016 comes a wave of grand predictions for next year. As President-elect Donald Trump enters the White House and selects his cabinet members, the future of banking regulations remains uncertain, which could lead banks and FinTech firms to polish current service offerings rather than create new ones.

EconVue Outlook 2017

When you have something particularly wonderful to introduce, I believe the introduction should be as short as possible. Below please find EconVue’s 2017 Forecast.  Our mission has been to bring you the unconventional voices you should be listening to about changes in the global economy.  Thirteen of our EconVue experts share their views on what will be happening in 2017 in energy, health care, fintech, emerging and developed markets, regulation, and especially, in Washington DC.