Pulse: Europe

What's Next under the Trump Administration?

The United States is poised to enter a more typical economic cycle than we’ve seen since the 1990s.  The Trump administration’s outsized tax cuts and plans to increase defense spending, and the virtual certainty that the GOP Congress will eagerly go along, will swell the US budget deficit and jumpstart faster growth. 

Regulatory Guidance - the Differences in Approach to FinTech Regulation in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union

Financial technology evolves into its next stage of maturity in 2017. Where venture investments going to FinTech firms marked progress to date, in the coming year regulatory interest will come to the fore.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight: Brexit Special Edition

With a story as big as Brexit, with both market and historic implications, it is easy to become overwhelmed by oceans of mediocre or partisan commentary.  Wading  through scores of articles this past week, I have discovered some wonderfully illuminating discussions about a known unknown that  no one can predict.  Below please find my selection of original and provocative articles that go beyond Thursday’s vote,  offering deeper analysis of the EU writ large, and perspective from other countries and regions.

Peter Tasker - Why Asia Should Care about Brexit?

Here is my comment on Peter Tasker's commentary on Why Should Asia Care about Brexit?

Everyone Will Lose if the UK Exits the EU — Except Donald Trump and his Soulmate, Vladimir Putin

On June 23rd, Britons will hold a referendum on whether to stay or leave the European Union (EU), and surveys point to close vote. If Britain does exit the EU, or “Brexit,” the fallout could be serious and widespread. In February, G-20 finance ministers warned that Britain’s leaving the EU “could threaten global economic recovery.”

Greece: The Turning Point

Economist Anotole Kaletsky has not joined the Greek chorus bemoaning the recent deal between Athens and the EU.  He is instead refreshingly optimistic that it was a good deal for both sides, and is sustainable.

...the main conditions now seem to be in place for a sustainable recovery in Greece. Conventional wisdom among economists and investors has a long record of failing to spot major turning points; so the near-universal belief today that Greece faces permanent depression is no reason to despair.