TOE Report: Third Term for Abe

Third Term for Abe, Early election escapades, The Politics of Japan’s trade strategy, Economy Watch

Why Culture Matters: On Governance Scandals and Corporate Malfeasance in Japan

As the initial proposer and a behind-the-scenes advisor on Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, I am naturally pleased with the progress that the country has made in the past two years. This is of course relative to the rather low bar that was set by the previous fifteen years in which we governance advocates made comparatively little progress, against enormous resistance from the industrial lobby.

The Oriental Economist - June 2016

The Oriental Economist June 2016 Issue topics cover Nurturing entrepreneurs, UH election prospects, Foreign Firms in Japan, Economy Watch, Losing steam among voters, Mr. Obama goes to Hiroshima.

TOE Alert: Machinery Orders up a Lot, But Beware of Monthly Gyrations

Japan-watchers got very excited because core private machinery orders in October were up 10% on a month-on-month basis, However, the monthly movements in orders have very large gyrations, even though the most volatile elements are removed from core orders. Bottom line: core orders could be a genuine “green shoot,” or one month’s surprising number may be misleading us.

TPP: More ON GOP & Hillary; Japanese Growth

Despite the claimed economic gains for Japan from TPP (more on that in another Alert), many in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) fear it could be a political loss: particularly in the 32 mostly rural single-seat districts that have tipped the balance in the last three Upper House elections.

TPP: Ball is in GOP Court

In a surprising development, it is Congressional Republicans and a few of their business allies who now pose the biggest threat to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement among 12 countries with 40% of the world’s GDP.

TOE Alert: Another Technical Recession Predicted

Japan in "technical recession" as July-Sept. GDP estimated to have fallen for 2nd consecutive quarter

Enforce Japan’s Anti-Discrimination Laws: How to Raise Wages

Richard Katz's September issue of TOE includes reports on How to Raise Wages, For Now, Abe Polls Bounce, Abe Opens Door with Statement on War, Abe’s Careful Speech, Economy Watch, an interview with Nicholas Lardy on China's stock market and an interview with Tokyo University assistant professor Matthew Brummer, an expert on innovation, to understand Japan’s status as a “tech power.”

House Vote Not Death Knell for TPA

House vote on TPA today is not the death knell for TPA, but part of the process of negotiations.


A quick note on Japan's upward GDP revision, the status of TPA and TPP negotiation.