The Real Cost of Japan's Farm Protectionism - Part 3

This report continues to detail the costs to the Japanese economy of the continued protection of inefficient farm sectors, this time focusing on the Local Allocation Grants from the national budget that are given out to prefectural and local governments. These grants amount to upwards of 3.5% of GDP and quarter of the national budget.

June Spending, Income Drops Again, Worse than 1997

Income and Spending Down Again in June in Japan

Real Exports in June Down 2% From Last Year

Plurality of Voters Disapprove of Abenomics; Exports down in June 2% from Last Year

Abe's Approval Down Another Notch, Disapproval at Record 40%

Abe’s Approval Ratings Fell Another Big Notch in a Late July Sankei Poll

Another Setback for TPP, Republicans Say No TPP Without TPA First

Republicans Say Won't Vote for TPP Without TPA First; That Means No Pact This Year

Shiga Governor Election Loss A Setback for Abe

LDP Loses Governor Election in Shiga Prefecture Due to Backlash Over Collective Self-Defense

What does China Want re: Senkakus, South China Sea, Part 1

Experts Unclear about Beijing’s Motivations/Ambitions in South China Sea, Worried About Crudeness of Xi’s Tactics

Abe Lures Back Foreign Stock Investors

Foreign Investors Return to Japan in June, But on Much Smaller Scale than in 2013

Post-Tax Hike Consumer Spending Tracking 1997 Path

April-May Post-Tax Hike Spending Tracks Fairly Closely the Pattern in 1997

Nikkei Index Loses Third of Its Initial Gains Under Abe

Foreign Investors Losing Faith in Abenomics