TOE Alert: Election Likely to Buttress Abe - for a while

Abe likely to gain clout from elections--temporarily.

Japan Back in Recession: Surprise GDP Drop

The big picture is that GDP in 2014, so far, remains worse than 1997. Not a single major forecaster predicted that GDP would drop in July-Sept. The consensus forecast was in the 2.2-2.5% range, depending on the survey.

Abe Poll Ratings Resume Plunge, Part 3

Abe’s falling approval ratings make him even more cautious on restarting the nuclear power plants in the face of the two-thirds of the public that opposes restarts,

Abe Poll Ratings Resume Plunge, Part 2

As we detailed in yesterday’s Alert, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s approval ratings have resume the steady slide that was temporarily interrupted by the Cabinet reshuffle in September. We suspect that his support remains “a mile wide and an inch deep.” If there were a solid alternative, either inside the LDP or from the opposition parties, we suspect his approval ratings would be even lower.

Possible Abe-Xi Meeting at Beijing APEC Summit

The New York Times reported today that, according to Japanese officials, the two countries are working on an agreement for at least a photo op, and perhaps a 15-minute non-substantive meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping during APEC.

Japan Financial Markets Moved by U.S. Events

The ups and downs of Japanese stocks have closely mirrored those in the US since August.

Bad Month for Abenomics

September was not a good month for Abenomics. That meant it was not a good month for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe either. The bump in the polls that Abe received following his Cabinet reshuffle a month ago has already begun to fade. Consider these shocks to the credibility of Abenomics.

TOE Alert: Unexpected Fall in Industrial Production Leads Economists to Revise Downward Their GDP Forecasts

Japan's Industrial production fell 1.5% in August from July; economists had expected a 0.3% rise

TOE Alert: Post-Tax Spending, Wages Show Further Retrenchment in August

Once again in August, the post-tax hike retrenchment in consumer spending continues to be far worse than expected, as do wages and overall consumer income.

Tokyo Launches 'Blame Game" on TPP

In the aftermath of the breakdown of the US-Japan talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Japanese government has spread a misleading account of the talks to try to place the blame on Washington.