TPP on the Ropes, Part 3

posted by Richard Katz on September 12, 2016

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Hatch claimed that he knew of some TPP countries were willing to go to 12 years, but refused to name them. However, an informed source in Washington said it was unrealistic to expect the other TPP countries to go to 12 years, especially after the arduous


Key points included in this part three of the report are,

- Hatch says “progress” in talks with White House on 12 years for biologics, but he said something similar in the spring and it went nowhere
Hatch claims some TPP countries will to go to 12, but informed sources call this “unrealistic”
Not clear whether Obama Administration is even asking anyone for 12 years
Number two and three GOP leaders in Senate (Cornyn and Thune) seem unaware of any WH-Hatch talks, and say concessions on tobacco also needed; Thune says “odds are not good”
Hatch says, even with biologics solution, hard to get ratification
How could Froman ask other countries to make new concessions if he cannot reassure them it will lead to ratification?

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