The Oriental Economist Report - January 2017

posted by Richard Katz on January 06, 2017

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Life in Japan would be far more enjoyable if Japan could regain the productivity growth it enjoyed not so long ago. This is one of the ostensible aims of the “third arrow” of Abenomics, an aim that has so far been completely unfulfilled.


Richard Katz's January issue of the Oriental Economist includes reports on Why Japan Needs Boost in Productivity - Risk of Zero Per Capita Growth, The Abe-Putin tête-à-tête without Notetakers - “Secret Understanding”, and No Equivalent to Trump or Le Pen or Brexit - Why No Populism in Japan? 

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Richard Katz

Richard Katz is Editor of The Oriental Economist Report, a monthly newsletter on Japan, as well as the semi-weekly TOE Alert e-mail service on Japan, and is also a special correspondent at Weekly Toyo Keizai, a leading Japanese business weekly.

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