WSJ Editorial Cites My Writings on BOJ Dilemma

posted by Richard Katz on January 16, 2023 - 12:00am

As I write this, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has just announced that it will stand pat on its monetary policy. In the initial reaction, the yen/$ dropped three points to 131.2. The ten-year JGB dropped from 0.506% yesterday to 0.380%, but it remains to be seen whether that is due to BOJ intervention in the bond market. I will wait to see more of the the market reaction before commenting.

Today, in its editorial on BOJ policy in tomorrow’s print edition, the Wall Street Journal cited my writings. Here is the link, which you should be able to open even without a subscription.

(There is a small mistake in the editorial that is due to confusing wording on my part. The figure for 37% of all loans charging less than 0.5% refers not to just business loans but to consumer loans as well.)

By coincidence, on the same day, it ran my letter to the editor disagreeing with an op-ed it ran on BOJ policy. Here’s the link:

The op-ed was co-written with John Greenwood, whom I debated on Econvue about the same issue. Here’s a link to the audio debate.