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'Data Dependent’ Fed Will Change Policy Course If --and Only If -- Needed

FMI’s commentary on Powell’s policy comments and likely policy in 2019.

Data Round-Up: Trade Prices Retrenched in November; UI Claims Back Down Near Cycle Low

FMI’s reviews of November U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices results and the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.

Data Round-Up: Core CPI Continues to Exceed Fed's Inflation Target

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s November CPI report.

Data Round-Up: Core PPI Exceeds Expectations, Again; NFIB Remains Upbeat

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s November PPI, November NFIB Small Business Optimism Index and the 19Q1 Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

Data Round Up: November Jobs, Wage Gains Will Cement Fed's December Rate Hike Decision

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s November Employment report. Also this morning, wholesale book-value inventories were reported up a brisk +0.8+% for October.

Data Round-Up: Chicago Purchasing Managers Index Spiked Up in November

FMI’s analysis of today’s November Chicago Purchasing Managers Index and other regional surveys, plus our Summary of major data released in November and Schedule of releases for December.

Data Round-Up: PMI Rebounds Nicely, Construction Stays Soft

FMI’s analyses of today’s November PMI and October Construction reports.

Data Round Up: Household Net Worth Rose +$2 Trillion in 18Q3

FMI’s review of this afternoon’s 18Q3 U.S. Financial Accounts report (formerly Flow of Funds).

Data Round-Up: U.S. Non-Farm Exports Tick Up; NMI Headed for Record Quarter

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s October International Trade and November Non-Manufacturing Index reports.

Trump Tax Cut to Pay Economic Dividends for Years to Come

FMI’s commentary on the continuing economic impacts of the December 2017 tax cut.