April Could be “Do or Die” For TPP, Part 2

In this second part of the report, Richard explains why there might not be a TPP deal reached at the summit between Abe and Obama in late April.

April Could be “Do or Die" for TPP, Part 1

April may be the “do or die” month for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement (FTA). Two hurdles come in April, and failure to clear either one could doom TPP to become another Doha Round, i.e., trade negotiations that turn into a gabfest that goes on forever but is never concluded.

I Shot My Arrow in the Air

This is the March issue of Richard's the Oriental Economist Report covering a range of political and economic issues in Japan.

TOE Alert: Some Real Momementum on TPP Raises Likelihood of Conclusion, But Still Uphill Climb

Richard discusses the likelihood of the U.S. and Japan reach the TPP pact this year.

Abe’S Man Loses Saga Governor Vote To JA (Japan Agriculture)

Richard analyzes the Saga Prefecture election setback to Abe and its possible implications for TPP.

A Victory, not a Mandate

Hope in Abe and Abenomics disappearing.

LDP Does Not Owe Victory to Rural Districts

This report analyzes that Abe has the electoral ability to override the farm lobby on TPP—and its allies within the LDP if he wants to, since the LDP was not dependent on the rural vote for its victory.

Abe Poll Ratings Resume Plunge, Part 4

Abe's falling approval ratings and the TPP stalemate.

Bad Month for Abenomics

September was not a good month for Abenomics. That meant it was not a good month for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe either. The bump in the polls that Abe received following his Cabinet reshuffle a month ago has already begun to fade. Consider these shocks to the credibility of Abenomics.

Tokyo Launches 'Blame Game" on TPP

In the aftermath of the breakdown of the US-Japan talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Japanese government has spread a misleading account of the talks to try to place the blame on Washington.