I Shot My Arrow in the Air

posted by Richard Katz on March 09, 2015

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Conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement has been delayed yet again, reinforcing our fears that it could go the way of the Doha Round: endless talks


This is the March issue of Richard's the Oriental Economist Report. Topics that are covered in this issue are,
- I Shot My Arrow in the Air;
- Abe: Teflon Man;
- GDP Disappoints Again;
- Gambling with Pensions;
- A Free Press under Fire;
- A Tale of Two Revitalizations
- Economy Watch

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Richard Katz

Richard Katz is Editor of The Oriental Economist Report, a monthly newsletter on Japan, as well as the semi-weekly TOE Alert e-mail service on Japan, and is also a special correspondent at Weekly Toyo Keizai, a leading Japanese business weekly.

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