Data Round Up: November Jobs, Wage Gains Will Cement Fed's December Rate Hike Decision

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s November Employment report. Also this morning, wholesale book-value inventories were reported up a brisk +0.8+% for October.

Jobs Shortfall in March Reflected Shifts in the Weather

FMI’s commentary on the March “shortfall” in payroll jobs and its likely cause.

Data Round-Up: Expect +200K Private Jobs Added in November

FMI’s Preview of Friday’s November Employment report as well as our review of the latest Weekly Initial UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.

Data Round-Up: Payroll Jobs Back on Track in October, Jobless Rate Hits New Low

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s October Employment, October Non-Manufacturing Index and September International Trade reports.

Data Round-Up: Philly Fed Jobs Index Surges to 6-Year High; UI Claims Fall to Cycle-Low

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s October Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index and the latest Weekly UI Claims and Rail Traffic results.

Data Round-Up: Despite Big Jobs Miss, Payroll Trend Still Fine; Unemployment Clearly Upbeat

FMI’s analysis of today’s March Employment report.

Data Round-Up: JOLTS Confirms a Solid Pulse in Labor Market

FMI’s review of this morning’s July Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) data.

Data Round-Up: Jobs Back on Track, Trend Looks Sustainable at +150K

The June rebound in payroll jobs exceeded even FMI’s upbeat expectations. While today’s report should have erased any (irrational) fears stemming from the weak May jobs report, there is still virtually no chance that the FOMC will hike rates at their meeting later this month. Among other issues, this data is “Pre-Brexit,” so policymakers will need further reassurance/time to overcome their (also irrational) worries about a European/global meltdown. FMI still expects the FOMC to resume hiking rates by year-end. The chances for action in September are now noticeably greater though Yellen will likely look for further encouragement, e.g., rising inflation/expectations.

Data Round-Up: Despite Solid Payroll Jobs Gain, FOMC Likely to Stand Pat in March

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s February Employment and January International Trade reports.

April Employment Preview: Expect +225K Private Payroll Jobs

FMI’s Preview of April Employment including a review of the latest Weekly Initial UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.