Mark Roeder

Expertise: explore social phenomena and the impact of technology on human behaviour

Mark Roeder is an author and analyst who focuses on the technological undercurrents that are reshaping the modern world. He examines how these forces affect economics, society and culture.

Mark has worked as a senior executive at UBS Bank, Zurich Financial Services and Westpac Bank, and lived in London, New York, Sydney and Zurich. Roeder is a Delphi Fellow contributor to Big Think, and holds a masters degree in business and technology from the University of NSW.

Mark’s books and articles are provocative, insightful and entertaining. His recent works include Unnatural Selection: why the geeks will inherit the earth, and The Big Mo: why momentum rules our world. This was described by the Financial Times, as ‘A compelling book that journeys seamlessly from finances to the Iraq war, from oil prices and climate change to religion and pop culture in an effort to explain how we behave and why we are so easily led. From start to finish, it’s an entertaining read.’

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explore social phenomena and the impact of technology on human behaviour




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author and commentator

Past Experience

  • Consultant, David Hale Global Economics
  • Director, Zurich Capital Network
  • Executive Director, Head of Communications Strategy, UBS
  • Global Head of Advertising, UBS


  • Master of Business and Technology, University of NSW