Trump Tariff ‘Wars’ Having Minimal Economic Impact in U.S.

FMI’s commentary on the fears and realities about the Trump tariffs.

Data Round-Up: Imports Inflation Moderated in June; C&I Lending Picks Up

FMI’s review of June U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices and June Bank Lending & Money Supply results.

‘Old’ Reliable Indicators Are More Nuanced in This Cycle

FMI’s commentary on the changing implications for some venerable data series.

Data Round-Up: U.S. Exports & Imports Set New Records; Trade Likely cut -0.75% from 18Q1 GDP

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s February International Trade report.

FMI April 2018 Economic & Investment Outlook

FMI's complete April 2018 Economic & Investment Outlook.

Data Round-Up: 17Q4 GDP Little Changed at +2.5%; Regional Surveys Remain Very Upbeat

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s Second Report of 17Q4 GDP and February Regional Business Surveys, as well as our Summary of major data released in February and Schedule of major releases in March.

Data Round-Up: Lean Inventories Depressing Home Sales; Price Gains Stay Brisk

FMI’s review of this morning’s January Existing Home Sales report.

Data Round-Up: Soft Retail Sales & Higher Inflation a Double Whammy in January

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s January CPI, January Retail Sales, and December Business Inventories reports as well as an updated look at 17Q4 GDP Sources & Uses and likely revisions in the Second Report of 17Q4 GDP out later this month.

Correction, Even an Equity ‘Crash,’ Won’t Threaten Economy

FMI’s commentary on the current stock market correction.

No Budget Deal Likely This Week, But No ‘Shutdown’ Either

FMI’s commentary on the likely next steps in the federal budget impasse.