Fiscal Policy

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Federal Tax Cut Means More Revenue for Some States

FMI’s commentary on complications for the states from the federal tax cut plus some other short topics

Tax Cuts to Boost GDP Trend by +0.7%, Add a Million Jobs

FMI's Commentary on fiscal stimulus from the tax cut and our Preview of this week’s notable economic data released.

Trillion-Dollar Federal Deficits Are Best-Case Scenario Going Forward

FMI’s commentary on Trump fiscal and trade policy.

Trump GDP Growth Projections Are High But Not Absurd

FMI’s commentary on the White House budget proposal.

10-Year Bond Yield to Keep Trending Up, 4% by late 2018

FMI’s commentary on the outlook for further substantial increases in long rates

FMI’s review of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic results.

FMI’s review of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic results.

Yellen Likely to Be Reappointed under Clinton or Trump

FMI’s commentary on Janet Yellen’s fate under the next president

And the Winner Is... the Fiscal Status Quo

FMI’s commentary on the likely impact, or lack thereof, of the presidential election on fiscal policy.

Federal Spending Up in ‘16; S&L Provides Bigger GDP Boost

FMI's commentary on federal and state & local fiscal policy.

State & Local Outlook Continues to Firm Near-Term

FMI’s commentary on the key fiscal debates in 2015.