Monetary Policy

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Data Round-Up: April 'Showers' of Jobs Underscores Solid Labor Market, Likely June Rate Hike

FMI’s analysis of today’s April Employment report.

FOMC Leaves Door (Wide) Open for Summer Rate Hike

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement.

Data Round-Up II: Fed Banks Keep Up Pressure for Further Rate Hikes

FMI’s review of the Fed’s recent Discount Rate Meetings released this afternoon plus an overview of the Fed Balance Sheet as policymakers move toward a strategy to wind down their extreme portfolio.

FOMC Tilting Hawkish, Though No 4th Hike in 2017 (Yet)

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement and Yellen news conference.

10-Year Bond Yield to Keep Trending Up, 4% by late 2018

FMI’s commentary on the outlook for further substantial increases in long rates

FMI March 2017 Economic and Investment Outlook - Yes, The Fed Does Mean It This Time

FMI's complete March 2017 Economic & Investment Outlook.

Yellen Likely to Hike Rates in Late Spring as Inflation Perks Up

FMI’s assorted commentaries on Yellen’s congressional testimony, the minimum wage hike’s surprisingly modest impact, and the apparent lifting of the "Q1 curse."

FOMC Dissents to Dip in 2017 But Don't Matter Anyway

FMI’s commentary on the prospects for dissent and consensus on the FOMC this year.

For 2017, New FOMC Same as Old FOMC

FMI’s commentary on personnel and other changes on the FOMC in 2017

Data Round-Up: Core CPI Moderates a Bit; Regional Surveys Show 'Trump Bump'

FMI’s analyses of today’s November CPI report and December Philadelphia Fed & NY Fed Empire Manufacturing Surveys as well as our review of the latest Weekly UI Claims and Rail Traffic results.