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Age Mix of the Workforce Is Not Holding Down Wages

FMI’s commentary on the effects on demographics shifts in employment on average wages.

Three Questions Raised by the June Employment Report

FMI’s commentary on three questions raised by the June employment report.

Minimum Wages Rose in 18 States in January, Modest Impact on Average Wages

FMI’s commentary on higher minimum wages in many states starting in January.

Data Round-Up: NFIB, Manpower Point to Continued Jobs, Wage Gains

FMI’s analyses of today’s August NFIB Small Business Optimism Index, and the 16Q4 Manpower Employment Index.

February Slump in Wages, Hours Was Likely Exaggerated

FMI’s Commentary on what to look at, and what to downplay, in the monthly employment report.

Real Wages in May Down 0.1%

Real wages in May were down yet again, this time by a mere 0.1%. That is the same as in April.

Japan's Nominal Wages up Almost 1% in April

While April may have been cruel to Japan in many regards (see Alert of May 29), it was very kind on wage front. Nominal wages per worker were up 0.9% from last April—three times as much as the consensus forecast.

Never Mind: Yellen Backtracks on Sluggish Wage Concerns

FMI’s Commentary about Janet Yellen’s evolving view of wages and the fickleness of the data-dependent Fed.

Toyota the Exception On Wage Hikes, Part 2

In this part 2 of the report, Richard argues that rather than rush to judgment about the impact of this spring’s wage negotiations on nominal and real wage growth based on the headlines from a few big firms like Toyota, we should wait until we get the actual numbers on wages for April and a few months thereafter.