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Data Round-Up: Goods Exports Rebound Nicely in April

FMI’s analysis of today’s April Advance International Trade in Goods results.

Data Round-Up: UI Claims Blip Up, Trend Remains Very Healthy

FMI’s analysis of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic results as well as U.S. Dollar & Trade Prices.

Data Round-Up: NFIB Mired in Doldrums; Dollar Continues to Retrench Some

FMI’s analyses of today’s March NFIB Small Business Optimism Index and U.S. Dollar & Trade Prices results.

Can Cheap Yen Drive GDP Growth, Part 2?

In this report Richard analyzes why the yen’s weakness might not trigger a surge in the trade surplus that drives GDP growth as in the mid-2000s.

TOE Alert: Some Real Momementum on TPP Raises Likelihood of Conclusion, But Still Uphill Climb

Richard discusses the likelihood of the U.S. and Japan reach the TPP pact this year.