Japan Back in Recession: Surprise GDP Drop

The big picture is that GDP in 2014, so far, remains worse than 1997. Not a single major forecaster predicted that GDP would drop in July-Sept. The consensus forecast was in the 2.2-2.5% range, depending on the survey.

Data Round-Up: Real Final Sales Post Biggest Gain in Almost Four Years

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s Advance Report of 14Q3 GDP and the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic results.

Data Round-Up: 14Q2 GDP Revision/Mix, Healthy Initial Claims Bode Well

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s Second Report of 14Q2 GDP and the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.

A Graphic Presentation of FMI Key Economic Trends - August 2014

FMI’s end-of-the-month report for August: Graphic summary of economic trends.

Data Round-Up: Vehicle Sales, Services Index Hit Cycle Highs; Trade a Solid Plus for 14Q3

FMI's analyses of the August Non-Manufacturing Index survey, July International Trade report, and August Vehicle Sales.

2nd Quarter GDP, Consumption Worse than 1997

The fallbacks in consumption and GDP were both markedly worse this April-June than after the analogous tax hike in 1997.

Japan GDP Plunge Worse than 1997

The larger-than-expected plunge in April-June GDP and the disappointing initial economic indicators for July have shown that the underpinnings of Japan’s economic recovery are far weaker and more fragile than the Abe administration, and most economists, had presumed.

Japan GDP Revisions Called "Horrendous"

Consensus forecasts for japan GDP for FY2014 downgraded to 0.4% from 1%.

Third Report of 2014-Q2 GDP

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s Third Report of 14Q2 GDP.

FMI Weekly Data Preview: August 25-29

FMI’s Preview of this week’s major data reports.