Data Round-Up: Yellen 'Rate Hike' Remarks Upstage Strong Trade, Soft Inventory Results

FMI’s analysis of today’s Second Report of 16Q2 GDP and notes on the July Advance Indicators report

Data Round-Up: 16Q2 GDP Disappoints, But Inventory-Sales Mix Bodes Well

FMI’s analyses of today’s Advance Report of 16Q2 GDP (including the Annual Revision) and July Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index plus other regional surveys.

Data Round-Up: 16Q1 Exports Revised Up Nicely, Home Price Gains Remain Healthy

FMI’s analyses of today’s Third Report of 16Q1 GDP, the April S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index and other home price measures, and the Conference Board’s June Consumer Confidence Survey

FMI: The U.S. Dollar and International Economic Conditions

FMI's U.S. dollar analysis

Data Round-Up: Income Revisions Bode Well for Consumption; Inventory Correction Continues

FMI’s analysis of today’s Second Report of 16Q1 GDP.

Data Round-Up: Real Consumption Likely Growing +3% in 16Q2

FMI’s analyses of today’s mass of data including April Retail Sales, March Business Inventories, April PPI, April Bank Lending & Money Supply plus the preview of the Second Report of 16Q1 GDP.

Data Round-Up: PMI Decent in April, Points to Better Results Ahead

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s April PMI and March Construction reports and a review of 16Q1 GDP Sources & Assumptions

Real GDP Stalled (Again) in 16Q1, But Rebound Underway

FMI’s Commentary on 16Q1 GDP and the (solid) prospects for a rebound.

FMI April 2016 Economic and Investment Outlook

FMI's complete April 2016 Economic & Investment Outlook.

Data Round-Up: Real Consumption on Track for +3.5% Growth in 16Q1

FMI’s analyses of today’s January Personal Income & Consumption data, Second Report of 15Q4 GDP, and the January Advance International Trade in Goods results.