'Data Dependent’ Fed Will Change Policy Course If --and Only If -- Needed

FMI’s commentary on Powell’s policy comments and likely policy in 2019.

New Faces on FOMC Will Not Shift Policy Direction

FMI’s commentary on vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and on the likely effect -- minimal -- of Trump’s nominees on policy.

FOMC Stays Course: Another Hike in December, Three in 2019

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement and Powell’s news conference.

Fed’s ‘Third Mandate’ Will Compel Continued Tightening

FMI’s commentary on progress toward the Fed’s mandates, including the mostly-forgotten third one.

FOMC Takes ‘Strong’ Stand on the Economy

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement.

Federal Tax Cut Means More Revenue for Some States

FMI’s commentary on complications for the states from the federal tax cut plus some other short topics

Data Round-Up: Core PPI Moderates, But Remains Well Above Fed Target

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s April PPI report, including a review of the latest high-frequency price measures.

Minutes Show FOMC Ready to Continue Gradual Hikes

FMI’s commentary on today’s January FOMC Minutes.

FOMC Continues to See ‘Solid’ Economy, Stronger Job Market

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement.

FOMC Still Aiming for 3 (or 4) Rate Hikes in 2018

FMI’s commentary on the December FOMC meeting minutes released this afternoon.