Data Round-Up: Trade Pendulum Swings, to Cut -1% from 18Q3 GDP

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s July International Trade report and August Vehicle Sales.

Data Round-Up: Trade Will Be a Drag on 18Q3 GDP, Offset by Inventory Build

FMI’s analyses of today’s July Advance Indicators (Goods-trade, wholesale & retail inventories), June Case-Shiller Home Price Index, and August Conference Board Consumer Confidence reports as well as a review of today’s August Regional Fed Bank surveys.

Data Round-Up: Export & Import Inflation at Six-Year Highs

FMI’s review of December U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices results.

Data Round-Up: U.S Exports Retrench in March, Trend Outlook Still Okay

FMI’s analyses of today’s March International Trade report and 17Q1 Productivity & Labor Costs reports.

Infrastructure Stimulus Has Poor Track Record

FMI’s Friday commentary on the poor track record of federal infrastructure projects for, um, making tracks, highways, etc, plus notes on increased exports and imports for March, as well as our overview of upcoming elections in the UK and France.

Data Round-Up: U.S. Exports Improve; Vehicle Sales Disappoint But Likely to Rebound Some

FMI’s analyses of today’s February International Trade report and March Vehicle Sales.

US Dollar & Trade Prices Review

FMI's review of today’s January Import-Export price results

Trump Dilemma on NAFTA - Part 1

In his latest alert, Richard reports that Trump’s dilemma is that voters won’t like consequences of what they asked for: withdrawal from NAFTA and high tariffs against China would cause enormous dislocation for firms producing in the US; 40% of all US imports from Mexico consists of US content embodied in Mexican goods and the blue states that Trump turned red in this election, some by very thin margins, are very dependent on both exports to NAFTA and China, and imports from them.

Data Round-Up: Export Surge Boosted 16Q3 GDP; Services Revive Strongly

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s August International Trade results and September Non-Manufacturing Index

Data Round-Up: Exports Post Another Upside Surprise in August, Inventories Soften

FMI’s analyses of today’s August Advance Indicators report (Goods Trade, Wholesale & Retail book-value inventories), Third Report of 16Q2 GDP and the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.