How Much Do Stock Prices Help Abe?

In this report, Richard argues why Abe's belief that the rising stock prices will help his overall approval rating is incorrect.

TOE Alert: Abe Undermines Cause of Collective Self-Defense as His Approval Rating Plunges

Upwards of 58% of the population opposes Abe’s security bills, and just 28% support them.

His Own Worst Enemy

July 2015 issue of the Oriental Economist includes reports of His Own Worst Enemy, No “Bon Bons” for Diet, Fight over TPA in the US, Japan-Korea Thaw, Economy Watch, Japan’s Hidden Champions.

TOE Alert: Abe to Get Security Bills through Despite Public Uproar

Richard explains why Abe's power within LDP will remain strong despite his recent disapproval rating has increased.

TPP waiting on US Congress

June issue of the The Oriental Economist. Topics include the possible conclusion to the TPP pact, the debate on the national security bill and the myth of the 5 million lost jobs.

TOE Alert: Record low turnout and uncontested seats give LDP triumph in local elections

This report analyzes why Abe's victory in local elections does not reflect support for either Abenomics or any other of Abe’s policies, as claimed by the Abe team.

April Could be “Do or Die” For TPP, Part 2

In this second part of the report, Richard explains why there might not be a TPP deal reached at the summit between Abe and Obama in late April.

Toyota the Exception On Wage Hikes, Part 1

There is a lot of crowing in the Japanese press about wages rising in Japan because Toyota Motor Co. and some other big firms offered the biggest wage hikes in years, partly due to pressure from the Abe administration.

I Shot My Arrow in the Air

This is the March issue of Richard's the Oriental Economist Report covering a range of political and economic issues in Japan.

TOE Alert: GPIF Sses Pensioners' Money to Boost Stock Prices

The stock monitor in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office is just one of the indicators of the degree to which he sees rising stock prices as pivotal to approval ratings. In the past, he has used “jawboning” to try to raise stock prices. Now, he is using the money of Japan’s retirees and soon-to-be retirees.