TPP on the Ropes, Part 4

posted by Richard Katz on September 12, 2016

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Interestingly, TPP does not do very much for US exports either. By 2032, says the ITC, TPP will boost American exports to the other TPP partners by a piddling 0.2 percentage points of GDP.


Key points included in this report are,
- Ryan tells GOP members of House Obama has run out of legal time to force TPP ratification vote this year
Froman hosts breakfast of TPP Ambassadors and says US will not reopen settled issues
US gave up little in market-opening in return for the concessions it demanded of others; ITC says TPP will boost America’s global exports by just 0.2% of GDP
US could have lifted imports five times as much if it further opened government procurement, but it could not do so because Congress would have rejected the pact
Imagine the resentment of others at both the way the US negotiated and now the notion that it will talk away from a pact it virtually wrote
American state losing ability to corral special interests to compromise for the broader national interest 

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