TOE Alert: Exports Plunge 9% in January from Year Ago; GDP Forecasts for 2016-17 Being Lowered

posted by Richard Katz on February 18, 2016

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Imports are plugging along in negative year-on-year territory. January’s figure was down 5% from last year. In the three months ending in January, imports are down 3% from year-earlier figures


Key points:
In January, real (price-adjusted) exports plunged by 9% from a year ago, the most severe downturn in three years; three-month average down 5%
Declining exports are a global problem for Japan, not a China problem
Nor does it seem a problem of a global slowdown in imports, but of a Japanese loss in market share
Credit Suisse sees GDP growing just 0.4% in calendar 2016 and falling 0.1% in 2017 (latter assumes tax hike is implemented on schedule in April 2017)

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