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posted by Richard Katz on December 09, 2016

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For items with lots of labor content, the depreciation of the peso means that shifting production back to the US won't make sense.


Rick's December 2016 issue of the Oriental Economist covers following topics, Rust Belt voters won’t like the consequences of trade war - Be careful what you wish for, Putin ‘flips the table’ -Trepidation over Trump, NAFTA and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross - Can Ross restrain Trump? Japan auto parts firm relies on NAFTA, Proposals to increase electoral power of the young - ‘Silver democracy’.

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Richard Katz is Editor of The Oriental Economist Report, a monthly newsletter on Japan, as well as the semi-weekly TOE Alert e-mail service on Japan, and is also a special correspondent at Weekly Toyo Keizai, a leading Japanese business weekly.

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