Three Questions Raised by the June Employment Report

FMI’s commentary on three questions raised by the June employment report.

Data Round-Up: Core Inflation Eases in 18Q2, Trend Likely Higher in 2018-H2

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s June CPI report and our review of the latest Weekly Initial UI Claims & Rail Traffic results.

Data Round-Up: Imports Inflation Moderated in June; C&I Lending Picks Up

FMI’s review of June U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices and June Bank Lending & Money Supply results.

The Trump 'Trade Wars' Timelines

FMI’s review of the timeline for the Trump “trade wars.”

Data Round-Up: Real Consumption Likely Rose +3.25% in 18Q2

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s June Retail Sales and May Business Inventories reports

Trump's Trade War: Modest Drag Near-Term, But Long-Term Benefit for U.S.

FMI’s commentary on the likely macro costs -- and benefits -- of President Trump’s trade ‘war’ strategy.

Data Round-Up: After Soft May; Real Consumption on Track for Near +3% Gain in 18Q2

FMI’s analyses of today’s May Personal Income & Consumption report and June Chicago Purchasing Managers Index survey.

FMI July 2018 Economic & Investment Outlook

FMI's complete July 2018 Economic & Investment Outlook

Data Round-Up: Strong PMI Argues Trade War Fears Exaggerated

FMI’s analyses of today’s June PMI and May Construction reports.

Data Round-Up: Home Prices Continue Up at Brisk Pace; Consumers find 'Jobs Plentiful'

FMI’s review of April S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index and June Conference Board Consumer Confidence, featuring Jobs-Plentiful/Jobs-Hard-to-Get data, plus our review of today’s batch of June Fed bank regional business surveys.