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All Regions

Data Round-Up: New Home Sales Disappoint, Again

FMI’s analysis of today’s August New Home Sales report.

Data Round-Up: Home Price Appreciation Stays Brisk; Consumer, Fed Bank Surveys Strong

FMI’s review of July Home Price Indices and September Conference Board Consumer Confidence, featuring Jobs-Plentiful/Jobs-Hard-to-Get data

New Faces on FOMC Will Not Shift Policy Direction

FMI’s commentary on vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and on the likely effect -- minimal -- of Trump’s nominees on policy.

Fed’s ‘Third Mandate’ Will Compel Continued Tightening

FMI’s commentary on progress toward the Fed’s mandates, including the mostly-forgotten third one.

Data Round-Up: Even with Lackluster August Retail, Real Consumption Likely Up +3.5% in 18Q3

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s August Retail Sales, July Business Inventories, and August Industrial Production reports as well as our reviews of August Bank Lending & Money Supply data and August U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices results.

August Employment Analysis: Healthy Job Gains, Improving Wages Will Keep Fed Rate Hikes Coming

FMI’s analysis of today’s August Employment.

August Non-Manufacturing Index

FMI's analysis of this morning's Non-Manufacturing Index.

Data Round-Up: Trade Pendulum Swings, to Cut -1% from 18Q3 GDP

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s July International Trade report and August Vehicle Sales.

Data Round-Up: PMI Defies Trade War Fears to Surge to Cycle-High

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s August PMI and July Construction reports, as well as our Preview of the rest of this week’s major data releases

Data Round-Up: Regional Surveys Show Solid Momentum Overall in August

FMI’s analyses of today’s August Chicago Purchasing Managers Index (and other regional surveys) as well as our Summary of major data released in August and Schedule of major data reports in September.