TOE Alert: How Bright A Spot Were January's Exports?

In this report, Richard argues that Japan's January exports may not be that much of a bright spot as the statistics indicated.

GDP Disappoints Again in 4th Quarter, Part 2

While GDP overall disappointed, there are some bright spots which suggest that 2015 should look better than the zero growth seen in 2104.

Abe's Reform of JA-Zenchu: What it Does and Doesn't Do Less Than Meets the Eye

Richard analyses why the Zenchu reform is not an agricultural reform as Abe claims and why it is just another of the incremental steps that have gradually weakened JA-Zenchu’s power over the last few decades.

TOE Alert: BOJ Sends up Grey Flag in Revising Downward Its Inflation Forecast

Richard reports that the Bank of Japan Governor has raised the grey flag for achieving the 2% inflation target in two years.

TOE Alert: Some Real Momementum on TPP Raises Likelihood of Conclusion, But Still Uphill Climb

Richard discusses the likelihood of the U.S. and Japan reach the TPP pact this year.

TOE Alert: Offshoring Continues to Grow Despite Weak Yen

Richard analyzes the reason behind Japanese multinational companies' growing trend to produce in overseas countries, especially in Asia, despite the weakening yen.

TOE Alert: Cabinet Office Admits BOJ won't Make 2% Inflation Goal in FY 2015

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is pulling out all the stops in order to make good on its promise of achieving 2% inflation toward the latter half of fiscal 2015 (which ends April 2016).

Abe’S Man Loses Saga Governor Vote To JA (Japan Agriculture)

Richard analyzes the Saga Prefecture election setback to Abe and its possible implications for TPP.

A Victory, not a Mandate

Hope in Abe and Abenomics disappearing.

LDP Does Not Owe Victory to Rural Districts

This report analyzes that Abe has the electoral ability to override the farm lobby on TPP—and its allies within the LDP if he wants to, since the LDP was not dependent on the rural vote for its victory.