TPA: Discontent Behind the Dysfunction, Part 2

TPP is in trouble because half of the public no longer believes free trade benefits them

TPA: The Discontent Behind the Dysfunction, Part 1

Putting off TPA vote to July 30 may be the best option if it gives time for viable compromise.

House Vote Not Death Knell for TPA

House vote on TPA today is not the death knell for TPA, but part of the process of negotiations.

CAPEX Shows life in Revised GDP Numbers

Japan's Jan-March GDP was revised upwards from a 2.4% annual rate of growth to 3.9%, the biggest reason for the change was that, for the first time since the April 2014 tax hike, business investment grew substantially, at a 10% annual rate.

Export Tumble in May Raises Doubts

The encouraging rise in Japan's exports seen in January-March seemed to fizzle out in April and May and real exports fell two months in a row.

TOE Alert: Consumption and Real Income Slowly Recovering, but Still Below Pre-Tax Hike Levels

Japan's household spending is rebounding from its post-tax hike bottom, but at a very slow pace and in a zig-zag fashion.

TOE Alert: Abe Undermines Cause of Collective Self-Defense as His Approval Rating Plunges

Upwards of 58% of the population opposes Abe’s security bills, and just 28% support them.

Real Wages in May Down 0.1%

Real wages in May were down yet again, this time by a mere 0.1%. That is the same as in April.

His Own Worst Enemy

July 2015 issue of the Oriental Economist includes reports of His Own Worst Enemy, No “Bon Bons” for Diet, Fight over TPA in the US, Japan-Korea Thaw, Economy Watch, Japan’s Hidden Champions.

TOE Alert: Abe to Get Security Bills through Despite Public Uproar

Richard explains why Abe's power within LDP will remain strong despite his recent disapproval rating has increased.