Startups Upending Space Industry, Accelerating Space Exploration: Part I: Making Stuff in Space

There is a dynamic underway in the space industry that is disrupting the way space technology is developed and deployed.  This new dynamic may accelerate the expansion of human presence in space and the colonization of the moon and Mars. This latest area of “democratization” of technology will also open the use of space to a wide range of players, including non-state actors, all over the planet.  Some of what the startups are doing theoretically could have been done by the aerospace giants but were likely inconceivable within their business models.

U.S. Faster Payments Update, Canadian Blockchain Experiment

Last week, I attended the 2016 edition of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Payments Symposium. As I listened to the presentations, it became clear to me once again how important internetworked technologies are to the future of the financial system in terms of individual empowerment and corporate control.

Medtech in the Fast Lane: Embracing Services, Solutions and Consumerism

Manufacturing built America. The iconic automotive industry epitomizes this organic relationship between industrial strength and economic growth. Since the early days of Ford and General Motors, car-makers have followed a clear playbook: design an appealing product, manufacture efficiently, market aggressively, and sell units at high volume.

The Moral Economy: Homo Economicus Becomes Human

This is my book review for Samuel Bowles's the Moral Economy: Why Good Incentives Are No Substitute for Good Citizens.

FinTech Leaders

The leaders in FinTech and banking are featured as American Banker releases its annual list of FinTech companies to watch, and Burnmark releases an excellent and comprehensive report on challenger banks throughout the world. Take a look, too, at a future without cash in this week's links.

How to be a Savvy Overseas Investor?

Co-authored with Daniel Wagner.

After having been the top destination of inward foreign direct investment for decades, China’s investment orientation has become increasingly outward looking. In 2014, China’s outbound FDI surpassed inbound FDI for the first time. Last year, the country became the world’s second-largest source of outward FDI. And in the near term, its overseas investments are expected to grow 10 percent a year, and exceed $2 trillion by 2020.

Winning "The Cub Way": It Takes an Organization

The Cubs just finished the 2016 regular season with 103 wins and baseball’s best record by a mile. They have spectacular pitching, powerhouse hitting and solid defense. Las Vegas odds-makers have established the Cubs as runaway favorites to win this year’s world series. The Cubs – baseball’s perennial losers! Chicago sports fans haven’t been this excited since Michael Jordan suited up for the Bulls.

Questioning Banking

Bankers have accepted that FinTech is here, reports The Daily FinTech in its SIBOS 2016 wrap-up story. Realism in FinTech among both banks and startups, the move to realtime payment, and (naturally) semi-real blockchain topped its list of takeaways.