Back with Vengeance: Vertical Integration’s Demons Wreak Havoc

With pride and promise just two short years ago, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) introduced Prominence Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary,  that would “significantly advance CHI’s ability to excel in a pay-for-value environment.”

Rocky Transitions

Rocky Transitions

I know it's difficult to believe but transitions in technology and updates to regulatory regimes do not necessarily put the consumer's point of view first. The digitization of money and banking is inevitable, but the ability of FinTech to empower individuals and community institutions is not.

This week's links provide some examples. And also some hope for outcomes that work for everyone.

The chip card transition in the U.S. has been a disaster

China: Learning to do Business in Latin America

From July 16-31, 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China to teach a course on Latin America at the University of International Business and Economics.  While there, as usually occurs when I travel to China, I also had the opportunity to speak to colleagues there, including academics, businessmen, and in one case, Chinese managers and technical personnel being trained for assignments to Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Obama Speaks: A Presidential Assessment of Obamacare

Earlier this month, President Obama took the unprecedented step of authoring an academic research article in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) to document the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) accomplishments and suggest improvements.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight July 19, 2016

My favorite quote this week:
I've got fifty quid that says we see an alien invasion by Christmas (@markcoflaherty) 

EconVue Weekly Spotlight July 9, 2016

The world appears to careen from one source of instability to another.  The recent US employment report was better than expected, and in fact the US continues to do well and will benefit as a safe haven. However, political developments continue to outdistance economic news. From Dallas to Tokyo to the South China Sea, here is what we can expect over the coming week.
Stories in our Spotlight This Week  

EconVue Weekly Spotlight July 2, 2016

Markets stopped their free fall this week, as analysts struggled to understand the impact of Brexit, and UK politics boiled over.  We continue our coverage and expect that Brexit is the very definition of what journalists call a story with legs.  Anything could happen, as we said prior to the Brexit vote, but it is not likely the vote will either be recalled or ignored.  Europe is on a new trajectory.

EconVue Q&A with David W. Johnson and his new book, Market vs. Medicine: America's Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare

EconVue Q&A with David W. Johnson and his new book, Market vs. Medicine: America's Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare

Q: Who should read market vs. medicine?

A: Healthcare professionals and anyone interested in how the market will fix America’s very broken and very expensive healthcare system.

Q: You have interviewed many healthcare startups for this book, which company stands out the most and why?

Lactose Intolerance: Aaron Rodgers and the Cheese-Heavy American Diet

Wisconsin may never be the same. Green Bay Packers star quarterback announced this month that he has stopped eating dairy products to “get healthier.” As Bart Simpson might observe, the State of Wisconsin is having a "collective cow".

The Packers are the only publically-owned NFL team. Wisconsin is “The Dairy State.” The Packers and dairy products are inextricably woven into the identity of Wisconsin residents. That’s why Packers fans proudly call themselves “Cheeseheads.”