Michael Green: Why I oppose Donald Trump

We’ll be resuming with our September issue after Labor Day. Hope you’ve been having a good summer.

This is an advanced copy of  an interview with Michael Green that will be in the issue. Michael Green, a former member of the George W. Bush National Security Council, explains why he is opposing Donald Trump and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight

All eyes are on Jackson Hole and the annual Kansas City Fed Economic Symposium. BOJ Governor Kuroda’s appearance on a panel on Saturday could be just as interesting as Fed Chair Yellen’s speech on Friday morning. Global central bankers who have made long flights and several connections in order to get to Jackson Hole are bound to be discussing the US election outlook with as much fervor as monetary theory. Some will wonder if Janet Yellen will attend next year.

The Big Lift: Improving Public Health Exchanges

Bring out the Xanax. Anxiety among Obamacare supporters is skyrocketing. The bad news just keeps coming. Aetna has joined UnitedHealthcare and Humana in announcing plans to exit almost all public marketplaces. Remaining health insurers are increasing rates by double-digit margins: most over 20%; some over 40%.

Decline of Putin's Russia - My Comment

Review and commentary on Putin's (and Russia's) dilemma:

How P2P Lending Works: FinTech Articles of the Week 08/21/16 

It's clearly the end of summer doldrums here in Chicago, though the tourists are still about town before the school begins, and the weather has been perfect hot summer days and warm nights. FinTech news seems a bit less frenzied. It may even appear that you haven't missed the boat yet on the money and applications of the future. The most anticipated—and critical to understand—technologies are still either young or largely experimental.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight August 15, 2016

Being American: How Exceptionalism is Transforming U.S. Healthcare

Midway through the Rio Olympics, the prowess of the diverse, raucous and remarkably talented U.S. team is on full display. We marvel at the athletes’ dedication. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their athleticism is spellbinding. They represent America at its best, and all Americans can be justifiably proud.
It’s been one long samba line to the medals stand. With only 4.3% of the world’s 7.4 billion population, the U.S. has captured (through August 14th) almost 14% of the awarded medals.

Conventions, Convergence, and Competition

Innovation, a favorite topic of debate in the business of technology, gets a FinTech work over in this week's links. Plus more blockchain endorsements and reports, along with some timely cautions.

FinTech food for thought

Where’s the Beef? Employers Question the Value of Hospital Mergers

In an iconic 1984 commercial for Wendy’s hamburgers, the diminutive octogenarian Clara Peller and two friends are eating hamburgers at the fictional “Home of the Big Bun.” Disappointed by their burgers’ small size, the friends call customer service and Clara demands to know, “Where’s the beef?”  The slogan went viral and propelled sales at Wendy’s upward by 31%.

Blockchain Watch

For this week, I'm moving the weekly blockchain feature to the top of the links, as blockchain continues to capture business and technology attention. The Wall Street Journal even reported that blockchain is at a tipping point, in a comparison of the technology now versus the internet 25 years ago. It certainly is in terms of FinTech attention.