Peru's Deepening Relations with the PRC

posted by R. Evan Ellis on November 23, 2020 - 9:06am

The positive side of Peru's political difficulties is that this has been a notable week for the recognition and advance of women in Latin American political leadership. 

The transitional government of Francisco Sagasti has named the first female head of Peru's Council of Ministers, Violeta Bermudez; Peru's first female Minister of Defense, Nuria Esparach; female career diplomat Elizabeth Astete as Foreign Minister, and renamed Pilar Mazzetti to head the health ministry as Peru battles Covid-19, plus four other women in a cabinet of 19.  The head of Peru's Congress is also a woman, Mirtha Vasquez Chuquilin.

Independent of the historic nature of the new cabinet, my distinguished Peruvian colleagues disagree whether the transitional government is "balanced" or represents a worrisome advance of the left in key posts.

Without opining on these issues, I wish to share my new article "Peru's Multidimensional Challenge - Part 3: engagement with China." It looks at the significant and deepening PRC presence in the Peruvian economy from mining and petroleum to ports, transportation and electricity infrastructure, as well as in the security sector.  It also considers the likelihood that the presence and associated influence will greatly expand in the coming years due to the combination of Peru's current political fragility, mergers and acquisitions, and the nation's economic needs.

The article is available through Global Americans, which published it: