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The things we really need are getting more expensive. Other stuff is getting cheaper. Why?

I am sharing an interesting article from the World Economic Forum titled The things we really need are getting more expensive. Other stuff is getting cheaper. Why? I have copied the full text below. So my question is, when will we begin to see inflation?

Econvue Weekly Spotlight

Seminar in Chicago: “The Vital Role of Director Training in Japan’s Corporate Governance Reforms”

The Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI) is a government-certified nonprofit providing one-day “director training” courses in English and Japanese, and governance-related seminars and e-learning courses. These programs teach participants key knowledge needed to serve on, report to, or analyze boards in Japan.

The Economic Outlook for the Election and Beyond, and How Who Wins Could Change It

With nine weeks to go, the economic conditions for the election are set — modest growth, low inflation, and continuing job gains. A few Wall Street forecasters rate the odds of a 2016 recession at one-in-three; but unless a major shock wrenches the economy off its present course, bet with Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke on the economic expansion continuing into next year.

Free Lunch: Where did all the productivity go? - My Comment

Here is my comment on Martin Sandbu's  Free Lunch: Where did all the productivity go? And what would it take to make it grow again?

Michael Green: Why I oppose Donald Trump

We’ll be resuming with our September issue after Labor Day. Hope you’ve been having a good summer.

This is an advanced copy of  an interview with Michael Green that will be in the issue. Michael Green, a former member of the George W. Bush National Security Council, explains why he is opposing Donald Trump and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight

All eyes are on Jackson Hole and the annual Kansas City Fed Economic Symposium. BOJ Governor Kuroda’s appearance on a panel on Saturday could be just as interesting as Fed Chair Yellen’s speech on Friday morning. Global central bankers who have made long flights and several connections in order to get to Jackson Hole are bound to be discussing the US election outlook with as much fervor as monetary theory. Some will wonder if Janet Yellen will attend next year.

EconVue Weekly Spotlight August 15, 2016

Conventions, Convergence, and Competition

Innovation, a favorite topic of debate in the business of technology, gets a FinTech work over in this week's links. Plus more blockchain endorsements and reports, along with some timely cautions.

FinTech food for thought