Hale Report: Podcast Episode 9 A Green Recovery for Investors? Webinar with David Maywald

posted by Lyric Hughes Hale on July 28, 2020 - 3:29pm

Sustainable investment focused on a "Green Recovery" is being widely discussed as we envision the post-Covid world. What are the promises and pitfalls of ESG for investors?

On Wednesday, July 8th at 4 pm CDT, in advance of the ministerial-level Clean Energy Transitions Summit in Paris, EconVue hosted a webinar with economist David Maywald, a leading specialist in the field of ESG and infrastructure investment based in Sydney. He was joined by EconVue colleagues with expertise in these subjects, including Marsha Vande Berg and Robert Madsen. 

Dave discussed:

  • opportunity for a Green Recovery
  • how the US and Europe compare
  • sustainable job creation
  • investment options

Listening to the recording of the webinar by visiting here. The video is available on our homepage under the Panel menu.