China's Fall 2016 Latin America Charm Offensive

posted by R. Evan Ellis on October 21, 2016 - 9:24am

Ny latest article  China's Fall 2016 Latin America Charm Offensive just published in the e-journal Cypher Brief.  The article analyzes the important shifts in China's relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean that have occurred during the past month.  I argue that China has effectively managed a significant challenge to its relationship with the hemisphere represented by Cuba's reapproachment with the United States, the crisis in Venezuela, and the assumption of power of relatively pro-US/pro-market governments in Argentina, Brazil and Peru.  The article also examines the recent wave of PRC diplomacy involving the region, including interactions with Latin American leaders at the recent G-20 and BRICS summits, as well as trips to Latin America by Foreign Minister Yi and Premier Li, and the upcoming visit to Chile, Ecuador, and Peru in conjunction with the November 2016 APEC leaders summit in Lima.