Hale Report Podcast Episode 2: Interview with James Bianco - June 28, 2019

Our podcast this week features an interview with James Bianco, market-savvy macro-economic analyst and head ofBianco Research here in Chicago. He shares his thoughts about the Fed, markets, the long-lost world of stock picking, and the role of cryptocurrencies as a new monetary regime unfolds.

During our interview last Friday, I asked Jim what he would do in terms of monetary policy if he were appointed to the Fed. Unknown to me was the fact that he was under active consideration at the time. As he has now revealed on Bloomberg today:

Hale Report Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Economist Michael Lewis - April 19, 2019

EconVue Editor-in-Chief Lyric Hughes Hale interviews Michael Lewis of Free Market Inc. on his views on employment, the Federal Reserve, and the growth of the US economy.