The Hale Report Podcast Episode 28 : Marsha Vande Berg and the New Architecture of the Indo-Pacific

The Hale Report: Episode 27 with Michael Green

Beginning with John Mearsheimer in December, our podcasts guests have vaulted into the news soon after their appearances. It was just announced that my latest guest, Michael J. Green, will be moving to Sydney to take up a key post as CEO of the United States Studies Centre in Australia. One outcome of increasing tensions with China has been closer ties at all levels between the US and Australia, which we discuss in detail during this podcast.

The Hale Report Podcast Episode 26 - Paul Summerville and Eric Protzer: Shelter from the Storm: Oh Canada

The Hale Report Podcast : Episode 25 - China's Unique Covid Vulnerability

Covid might be waning in the US, but the largest country in the world remains uniquely vulnerable. China has pursued a zero-Covid policy that has resulted in non-existent herd immunity. With its economy slowing, how does China reopen without risking sudden, devastating exposure to the virus?

The Hale Podcast Episode 24 : Elizabeth Economy on China - How China Sees the World

The Hale Podcast Episode 23: Evan Ellis on China in the Western Hemisphere

Image source: Shutterstock. Chinatown in Havana, Cuba in 2018.

Where will the next crisis be? The very definition of a crisis is that we won’t know until it happens. Worn down by the pandemic, and with our attention riveted on the European and Pacific theaters, is the US ignoring irreversible changes in its own hemisphere?

The Hale Podcast Episode 22 : with John J Mearsheimer

On November 23rd, I had the pleasure of speaking with John Mearsheimer, the esteemed political theorist of great power rivalries at the University of Chicago, to discuss his recent article in Foreign Affairs for the Hale Report. I have spent some time thinking about what he said, in particular his use of the word tragedy to describe the geopolitics of where we find ourselves today. If you are concerned about the US-China relationship, Mearsheimer’s works are required reading for understanding the arc of engagement between the two countries over the past fifty years. Some key points:

The Hale Podcast Episode 21 : With Richard Katz - Post-election, Japan could regain its footing in the race for innovation

Japan is the world’s third largest economy, a fact often lost in all of the discussion about the US and China. But now that the US is actually pivoting towards Asia, Japan is likely to be in the spotlight on a host of global issues. This weekend’s parliamentary election in Japan assured support in the Diet for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who was quick to say that among his first priorities was a meeting with President Joe Biden as he headed to the COP26 meetings.

The Hale Podcast Episode 20 - Albert Bressand August 25. 2021: Positive Energy: Is Geoengineering the Answer to Climate Change?

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Hale Report Podcast: Episode 19 - Robert Shapiro July 21 2021

In Episode 19 of the Hale report, Lyric Hughes Hale interviews economist Robert J Shapiro, Chairman of Sonecon, a Washington-based private consultancy for economic and security-policy related issues.  They discuss inflation, COVID, inequality, the 2020 census, China, blockchain and the Internet.