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Nari Safavi is a Chicago based Iranian-American entrepreneur​,​ a commentator and analyst for the radio program Worldview on WBEZ (Chicago Public Media, an NPR affiliate) and the prospective host of "Seduction & Innovation a tail of the history of creativity in the Persian Empire", a fut​ure public TV series .

Nari serves at the boards of University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy, the DC based Citizens for Global Solutions, a lead NGO for the formation of the International Human Rights Court in Hague, Netherlands ; as well as Chicago Public Media. In 2013 , Nari had the honor of being appointed by the director of the National Endowment for the Arts ( NEA ) to a panel assessing U.S. based art organizations.  He regularly appears on Persian, Spanish and English language programs affiliated with media outlets such as NPR, PBS, BBC and Telecinco. His public speaking engagements have covered topics ranging from Iran, to private sector social responsibility and philanthropy, to art and film criticism and cultural policy. His essay on Iran, a contribution to the anthology called  "What's Next?" edited by the economist David Hale was published  as a book by Yale University on May 2011. He is fluent in Persian and English and proficient in the Turkish and Spanish languages. His latest project, COSMOPOLIS will be an incubator for cultural entrepreneurship and institution building projects that create global linkages, with a probable launch in 2018. He has also lead delegations of cultural diplomacy between U.S, & Iran including one for the Commonwealth Club.  In his spare time, among other hobbies, he loves to divulge into culinary endeavors. He is the Global Cooking Smackdown Champion of WBEZ with his recipe of Ghormeh Sabzi, borrowed from the tenth century Persian / Moslem renaissance man, Avicenna ( Ibn e Sina ). 

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